" Helping You Save Money!: Super Cute Girl's Dresses on Zulily!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Cute Girl's Dresses on Zulily!

I just had to pass this one on! 

Zulily is a discount site that allows you to buy designer items for mom's, babies, and kids at huge discounts. Plus it's totally free to join! 

They have so many deals each day it's hard to keep up. I had to pass on one of today's deals on little girl dresses from Sweet Heart Rose. They are up to 65% off and absolutely adorable! :) Here are a few that I thought were particularly cute: 

They are on Zulily for $16.99 & $18.99 right now. They normally retail for $42.00 & $56.00! 

How cute is this Wooden Noah's Ark Play Set?!?! 
(Just some of the things I saw today)

Go HERE to sign up and check them out. 

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