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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reader Question / Comment:

Hello HLCouponLady Blog Followers! I know many of you, like my family, are interested in finding coupons for natural and organic products. Going green is certainly on the minds of many. I recently looked to my inbox and found a message from one of you that I had to share. Here is what Amanda sent me:  

     "You have inspired me to get more involved with couponing and I know I have asked you about how you find organic coupons because they are harder to get your hands on. I wanted to tell you that lately I have been calling the phone #'s on the product box of our most used or favorite items. I just call and tell them that I really love their product but the one thing that I do not love is that I can't find any coupons... Then, I ask if they have any coupons they can send / mail my way for being a valued customer. I have been having the best luck with this.....Just wanted to know if you have ever done anything like this? I am just doing this with some of the lesser known organic products and I always give them feedback on their comment lines."

My opinion on the matter... it's a great idea! I do this frequently for products that I simply cannot find coupons for and know that I will need to buy. Example: I am planning on making some more homemade laundry soap and I have never seen a coupon for the brand of soap I want to buy. What did I do? I looked up the company online, and sent them an email asking if they ever send out coupons. What became of that email? They send me coupons! Not to mention a few extra for other products that their company makes. 
Sound too good to be true? It's not! If a company makes a product that you like, why not see if there is a way to save a little money on buying more of it? Not to mention that asking them about coupons will likely set a bug in their ear to make coupons for their products available on a larger scale. That benefits all of us in the long run. :)

A few words of advice:

  • Please be courteous when contacting companies, even if they don't offer coupons make sure to leave on a good note.
  • Don't contact the same company over & over, maybe limit yourself to once every three months.
  • Always say please & thank you :)
  • If they ask you to do a survey or give feedback and you have the time, go for it!
So has anyone else tried this? What do you think about it? This post will allow for comments below, so make sure and leave one with your thoughts :) 
(Thanks again Amanda!)

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