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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HL Target Shopping Trip

I got all this for just .11!---------->

Here are my match ups:

Reach floss: $.97
-Use $1.00 Reach floss insert coupon

Band aids: .97 (In travel size section)
-Use $1.00 off any Band-Aid insert coupon

Tide Single Load: .97 (In travel size section)
-Use $1.00 of any tide

All 2-in-1 Double Load: $1.02 (In travel size section)
-Use $1.00 off any All 2-in-1

Rolaids: $1.32
-Use the "up to $4.00 off 2 Rolaids products" insert coupon

Clearance Clorox: $1.58
-Used $1.50 off Clorox that I found by the cart wipes at Albertson's one day.
-Final price: .08 each

Plus 1 of the .05 Bring your own bag credits!

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