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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HL Albertsons Deal

Here is todays run-in&out-of-the store HL Deal:
(I was running in for a snack)
Yogurt & banana

I ended up spending
.48 for all of it

Here's How:
-Bought .7lb bananas for .48
-Bought Yoplus $1.49 (FREE)
Used $1.00 coupon+doubler
-Bought Reach Toothbrush $1.49 (FREE)
Used $1.00 coupon+doubler
-Bought Dawn Instant Foam $2.49 (FREE)
Used $1.50 coupon+doubler

And that's how you do it!
(Keep in mind that the toothbrush was on clearance, so check with your local store.)

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